Friday, August 31, 2012

Foodie penpals

Hey Y'all!
This month I participated for the first time in the Foodie Pen Pals swap at The Lean Green Bean, I found the blog as I was blog hopping using that little "next blog" button at the top of a lot of blogs,  one night as I was bored I just kept hitting that little button and when I saw the title of the blog I stopped to check it out, and found...A SWAP!... Y'all know how I love a swap.
The way it works is you get a person to send to and a person who will send to you, not the same person that way you get to meet 2 new people :)
It has a HUGE following I think I read over 3000!  So whatcha do is email and get to know them a bit, follow whatever diet restrictions they have and fill a box with $15.00 worth of food items suited to your partner.
Tess is who had me, her blog is Cross Country Cajun, she is such a sweetie!
I told her how I love to try "regional" favorites and how I lean to sweet over salty, well the box she sent was so full of yummy goodness, suited perfectly for me!
She is from south Louisiana and picked a Gumbo mix and creole seasoning! 
Perfect for me and Lee, I just need a nice cool day and we will be eating Gumbo!
A harvest grain blend, that was so good, it was a blend of Israeli Couscous, Orzo, Red Quinoa and Baby Garbonzo Beans. I added shrimp as was suggested on the package and we devoured it!
I am making it again tomorrow night. And a starbucks cool lime refresher.
Ok let me just say that Tess really does "get me"
She made me some Almond Raisin Granola!
Homemade is always the best in my book and this granola made with (a local to Tess) honey, is so good! It is the best granola I have EVER tasted, I don't see how I can ever go back to a box mix the flavor is perfect.
The Sugar, chocolate and coffebean grinder...I am in LOVE!
It is awesome over vanilla ice cream! I am waiting for a cool crisp day to try it in hot chocolate.
The fig butter...have I lived under a rock, how have I never had it before!
AND THEN she included a few goodies for me. A cute as can be potato peeler, a monogram mug, if y'all don't know we southern girls love just about anything  with our monogram and some napkins to make an ordinary day a bit more special :)
Thank You So Much Tess!! You sent a box full of yummy goodness!

This was such a fun swap! I have already signed up for September.

The box I sent went to Pam in Utah, her blog is Scrumptious Bento 
if you would like to meet her and see what I sent.


  1. This looks like so much fun-what a great idea!


  2. Hi Jenny, that was a wonderful swap!! I'm going to check it out!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment! Enjoyed visiting with you and I'm your newest follower! Have a wonderful Labor Day Week-end!

  3. oops....I wanted to be a follower but I couldn't find the 'follow me' tab! I'll be back later and try again!!

  4. Wow! Amazing blog find and another swap. Pretty neat! And you got some awesome stuff there!

    I see you just had an anniversary - Happy Anniversary!

    :) & Hugs!

  5. What fun! I will have to check it out!

  6. Wow.. this looks great! Though right now I am pretty strapped for money, in other words unemployed and I was the major bread winner, I can't involved with things that would cost money... this really looks like fun.
    Take care and thanks again for stopping by my blog!