Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sweet Helena!

Hey Y'all,
Sorry to have been away for so long, I have been busy, then under the weather, then Lee has been feeling not so hum) so I am late getting to everything! My tag to Helena did get mailed on time but nothing else. I have barely been online  to keep up with y'all. My sweet blogging sister and all my giveaway winners still have packages sitting here...SAD, SAD, SAD! I promise to get to the post office by Friday and get everything out to y'all!
So I wanted to share the tag that Helena made for me :)
This was her first tag and I think she did a good job! I LOVE the butterfly on the back ;)

Thanks Helena!


  1. Hi Jenny!
    Sorry you and the hubby are under the weather. That is just wrong!! It is summer! Isn't it enough to get sick in winter???
    as far as being late, I can so relate to you! I am lucky if I blog once a week anymore. Too busy.
    We need to find time to do our own thing, but life isn't always like that, right?
    You are doing great! Don't sweat the small stuff! Everyone will be so glad to get their happy mail!!
    Your partner did fabulous for her first tag!!
    Be well my friend!

  2. Ethel, Hey my sweet friend! You made me laugh right out loud when I read your comment. i had actually almost forgotten about that eye!!!!!! Hysterical!!!!!!!! Well, thanks for the reminder to paint something better than that this year. I am of course going crazy trying to get things done. Yes, I know, I was going to start earlier, but with mom and finishing the new room in the basement I just never had time. Oh well, Last Minute Lucy again!!!
    I love the new colors on your blog, so peaceful and relaxing, pretty shade of blue. I thought I was on the wrong blog at first. I haven't been visiting blogs because I barely have time to keep mine up, so I'm so far behind. If you ever have a little extra pin money you should have Keren from Free Pretty Things For You make you a header to go along with your new background. She is wonderful, and soooo nice. If I had the money I would pay her to do one for you!! Someday when I make it big!!! I do love it though, the blue is so pretty and vintagey. Ok, gotta get working on blue ribbons, TTYL. Thanks for making me laugh!! I'll send you pics on the phone from county fair, I guess I should say texts with pics in them.
    Love ya,

  3. You have been missed dear friend and I completely understand! I hope you and Lee are feeling better. Sending hugs xoxo