Sunday, September 30, 2012

September FPP

Hey Y'all, how are you today?
Doing OK here in Virginia today.
So this month I participated in my second swap with Foodie Pen Pals at The Lean Green Bean.
you can read all about it here. This is such a fun swap! This month I sent my box to New Orleans To Kate at Kate Is Eating, she is such a sweetie and it was great fun putting her box together for her.

My box came from Bridget in Georgia. She is lovely and sent me such yummy gifts! I LOVE to try foods that are regional and specific to where you live; you know Buffalo Wing Sauce from Buffalo, Cheese from get the idea, well this southern lady sent me locally stone ground yellow grits...LOVE...I love grits, but have never had yellow grits, I have always eaten and buy white, it's just what I am used to so yellow was new to me, but I made a bowl of cheese grits and chowed down! YUMMY! She also sent me a gift pack of sweet honey harvested and bottled in Savannah. I must admit I have only ever had clover honey, it's what I like and trying new honey never occurred to me, well I got 3 new honey flavors to try, Tupelo which was very mild and sweet,excellent in my hot tea, I am hooked on that one! Sourwood,very dark and strong to me, I used it in my BBQ sauce instead of my usual molasses and it was wonderful! Lastly there was Black Sage, mm mm a mild and delicate flavor just  lovely it was so good drizzled over a bagel with cream cheese!
A yummy Coconut granola which I enjoyed mixed in with Greek Yogurt was a great blend, and lastly some freezer pops, which I have not yet tried.
She did a great job picking out treats for me and I love every yummy bit!
I can't wait for next month's swap!

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  1. This sounds like fun!!! It is always neat to receive a package of goodies that are regional in nature. And I love honey!