Monday, October 15, 2012

Busch Gardens

Hey Y'all how are ya?
Still waiting for that first frosty morning but other than that we are doing ok here.
So last weekend me and about 1/2 the family, my friend Julia ans her son Zach all went to Busch Gardens, Europe which is in Williamsburg, Va.
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Do you think I took a single photo? NOPE we were having too much fun!
                                        image from google
In the fall they turn the park into Howl-O-Scream, it is a lot of fun, some of the rides are turned into haunted houses or forest.
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The shows are all Halloween themed, for example in Germany at the Festhaus (which has the best food) the show was Vampires singing and dancing vamp'
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Werewolves and clowns and other scary ghouls start roaming the park at 6pm.
Believe me I am not into horror movies and such and I really don't like to be scared, BUT it was a blast especially since I got to share the day with family and friends!
If you are ever in Williamsburg in the fall on the weekend, you really must go!
Happy Halloween!

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  1. Happy Halloween to you. Looks like this was a BLAST!!