Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Hey Y'all!
Our trip to NC was great, I'll post about that later. Today we are deluged with Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy. This is a massive storm...BUT as Hurricanes we have had worse. So far is is just a lot of rain and flooding and some wind, we are in the worst of the storm now. So far just a lot of mess, due to flooding.
Here is an example
This photo was taken by my friend Renee, she lives in Chesapeake, Va and this little family cemetery is across the street from her house, this is her front yard and it is still raining!

50 miles inland is where I live and this is my front yard

What a difference and hour of drive time makes!

There is a lot of water damage all around our area, we are at sea level after all and the low lying areas are all under water. Some of the bridges and interstates around the area are closed due to flooding.
Everyone (it seems) is safe for now.
For all my Northern friends I am keeping y'all in my prayers.
It appears Sandy is gaining in intensity and had upgraded from a tropical storm to a Hurricane 1 as she heads toward New Jersey.
Love y'all and try to stay safe and dry.


  1. We felt it in South Florida for days and it didn't even come close to land. As far as hurricanes go, I guess I've been through so many that 75mph seems like nothing to me, but the water is always a problem especially in some areas more than others.
    Can't wait to hear about your trip.

  2. So glad you are safe Jen. We are getting heavy rains. Staying inside--safe and warm.