Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Sweet Blog Sis

In September I got the sweetest package from my secret blogging sister.
She sent me the perfect gift.
For those who may not know I have an addiction to cupcakes and cupcake collectibles.
Don't cupcakes make you happy?
Every time I see a cupcake it just makes me happy.
I smile every time I see one.
So this sweet mix of one of my favorite flavors made my day.
This was the yummy result after my neighbors son helped me ice
He just had to help and I was glad to let him.
They may not be pretty, but they were so good!
Thanks Secret Sis.
You know me well and send the best gifts!


  1. Those look so yummy! Sounds like your secret sis knows you well...what a fun thing to do!


  2. Awh, how sweet! The package and the results!


  3. Wait, wait, wait. First, those are neat. Second, I had been stopping by but not seeing any new posts and now, I see at least 3 posts I missed. Weird. Maybe I need to check my bookmark to be sure I didn't save a particular post instead of your blog! Great goodies here and the hat you did and the stuff you got on your swaps. Looks like a load of fun!
    Thanks for stopping by - glad you found a post that spoke to your heart! Hugs to you and Lee.

  4. Very fun! They look delish and I LOVE the polka dot cupcake cups.

  5. What a super secret sis you have!

    Have a nice day, Jenny.

  6. Yummy! Yes, I know who your secret sis is...and she is a sweetie pie! And a little birdy told me that one of her favorite things just may be cupcakes! lol. So glad to have you in our Blogging Sisters, Jen. Hope you plan to sign up again in December.

  7. Jenny, Your Halloween witch hat is wonderful! I love the MS paper and was too afraid to cut into it for a hat - next year for sure. How did you like these cupcakes - I just saw them at the store and wondered. PS Your addiction is the good kind! Have a great week. Elizabeth

  8. Well she must really know you well! I think cupcakes are happy too. How can you not smile when you see them?

    Enjoy your week!