Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Hey Y'all
Happy Halloween :)
I hope everyone has come through the Hurricane OK. We are fine here, thank God.
We are truly Blessed to have been spared.
I wanted to share my tag-a-month swap tags with y'all today.
This month I was matched up with Ginger at A Few Of My Favorite Things
She is a sweetie pie. I love her creativity. She made me the most amazing tags!
First up is the cutest Halloween card she made.

Next is a bag of goodies
I love the vintage style bags she sent everything in too.
Next is a  bag she made, perfect for a few sweets...
How cute is that!
Now for the tags yes plural she made me 2 perfect for Halloween tags!
First is a Spooky haunted house
and the cutest Mummy you will ever see...
Thank You So Much Ginger!
I love every bit and thanks for making it all cute :)

**In addition to all this I wanted to share my 3rd Foodie Pen Pal swap box but as of today 
I have yet to receive it, as soon (or if) it arrives I will share it.**

Happy Halloween!


  1. Fabulous! I love all of the fun swaps that you do. I need to join in one of these times.

    happy halloween!!! :)

  2. What fun bags! Oh my goodness...some people are so creative.

  3. Love it all, Jen. Wow, you are still in the tag swap. Good for you. I pretty much lost all my patience when I did not hear back from the host when we swapped. It did; however, teach me to be more determined than ever to give without worrying about how my gift is received.
    VERY thankful that we were spared from Sandy. Her winds were not a problem, but the surge was and there was a full moon that night so you can imagine the water.
    Have a good one.

  4. Meant to say her winds were not the biggest problem. Too much candy. ;)

  5. So glad to hear that you are ok!! I love all the swaps you do!! Let me know if there ever any that are looking for new swappers!!

  6. Love the Mummy tag the best. That is such an original idea. Hugs Mrs A.

  7. Love the creativity you gals have! And the mummy tag is gorgeous! Hugs,Tee