Monday, June 6, 2011


What a response to my pretty pink mini dishes! I have decided that over the next few Pink Saturdays I will post one set a week, I think I have 6 sets so 5 more pink weeks are all planned out. I hope y'all like them. my sister Beth has the green sets to match my pink ones.
                                  Beth and Shelby dancing in the kitchen
So how was your weekend?
Saturday morning Lee and I went to the Friends of the Library book sale we LOVE to go to that for 3 reasons
1. We like to support the Library we often use.
 2. We are voracious readers and it's a great way to stock up cheap.
 3. Fill any size bag to the brim for $5.00    ANY SIZE!!!
There was a guy there last year with a feed sack about 4 feet long he filled 2 while we were there for only $5 a bag. We don't need that many books so we used our reusable shopping bags and filled 2 I think we got about 35 or 40 books one full of hardbacks and the other full of paperbacks for $10. We are such nerds that was the hi-light of our week :)
We can't afford to go to the bookstore anymore so this is great for us.
See you soon,

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