Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Grandma Hazel...

Last night Grandma Hazel went to be with Jesus.

In this photo on the left is Faith & my sister Joanne, on the right is Grandma Hazel, Marie ( I ThINK?) Kristen, Gary and Gary's folks.
Grandma Hazel is Faith's mom and Faith is my sister's Mother in law and Gary is her husband.
Kristen is Gary's grand daughter.
Have I confused you completely? It really sounds more complicated than it is...LOL!

Grandma Hazel is my brother-in-laws grandma, BUT she was our grandma too.
We loved her like she was our grandma and she loved us just like we were all hers too.
We were blessed to have her in our lives for over 18 years.
We will miss all the goodies she always baked and how nothing ever kept her down for long.
She was a GREAT gardener and one heck of a lady!
We are sad she is gone, but happy she is dancing with the Angels.
We Love You, and will always miss you.
Jenny and Lee


  1. So sorry for your loss. She sounds like quite the lady! She's an angel watching over you now. Sending hugs your way sweet friend!


  2. Oh Jenny, I'm so sorry that you have lost such a dear lady. Yes, I'm sure she is indeed dancing with the angels! When you get a chance, stop by for a visit.

  3. Sorry For Your Loss Jenny.
    Warm Wishes Your Way. Hugs,Tee

  4. Im so sorry for your loss - but knowing that she is with our Lord makes it bearable.

    Happy Easter!

  5. Hi Jenny,
    I am so sorry for your loss....I just came over to wish you a Happy Easter and saw this post...I pray for God's blessings on your family.

  6. I'm sorry to hear of the loss of Grandma Hazel. What a legacy she has apparently left behind. That is such a blessing. Our loss is her gain, and our hope is seeing our loved ones in Christ again . . . forever. In the best of best ways ever. It's a blessing reading about her. Thank you for sharing her legacy to those who will look and see. Jenn

  7. Thinking of you. <3