Thursday, April 26, 2012

Taking a few

Hey Y'all,
How are you today?
I am taking a few days off from work, originally I had planned to be at a conference for christian women this weekend, but that didn't pan out... so I am feeling like I have not been living life to it's fullest and it is high time to change that!  So I figured that if I post some things here it will motivate me to get off my rear and live a little.

1. I really want to take a walk on the beach! It has been ages since I have been down there and I miss it!
sunset at the outer banks image from google search 

2. I need to get a hair cut! I have been growing my hair long for a while now, I want to donate some to Locks Of Love and I am ready to do that now! Lee likes my hair long, so I have held off longer than I wanted to because for some reason it makes him happy. I however am over it and want a new look!

3 .Use the gift card Marcia sent me last year! I want a Martha Stewart Scoring Board and Michael's has them 40% off so a trip to Michael's for a few scrappy goodies is needed.

4. I REALLY want to get a new tattoo. I have wanted another for a long time, but $$ has been tight (still is) so I probably won't get it now...but I Really, REALLY want too. I want 2 blue birds and a heart on my wrist the birds are for each set of grandparents and the heart is for my sister...the problem other than $$ is I can't find the "right" birds...still searching.

5. I would love to have lunch, coffee, dinner...something with a friend, I have a few old friends I would love to spend some time with, I am hoping one can get together with me soon.

6. I want to go to the movies, it has been a while and I love going.

7. I want to sit around a fire made in my little fire bowl, sipping a drink, chatting with Lee and watching the stars.

8. Clean out my craft room and organize it better. I have started on this one today :) I can see the top of my desk again.

9. Then in my clean scrap room I need to make a set of cards for Jenn and I want to do a few scrapbook pages. AND start on a few handmade postcards for a swap I just joined.

10. Write a few letters.

11. EAT JUNK...LOL I had a package of Tasty Cake cupcakes today, tomorrow...

12. Try a new recipe...any suggestions?

13. Get a mani/pedi oh how I need both desperately! I used to get my nails done every 2 weeks, I had a french manicure and my hands looked so made me feel pretty too, which is something I do not usually feel and I would get a pedi once a month boy howdy it's been a long time since I have done that!

So those are a few things I hope to do over the next few days... I'll keep ya posted!


  1. If you come to Idaho, Cody can give you a tattoo! I don't think I could handle the pain but he is always trying to talk me into one! I can't wait to hear about all the things you get to cross off your list!


  2. Hoping you'll be able to cross some of these 'to dos' off your list, lady. And stay happy:)


  3. Hi I'm sorry for the delay in my response. My son had an accident, which has pretty much consumed my every waking moment. Slow but sure he's getting up and about. I love your post today. I want to come list with you. Your list has half of my needs and wants on it. Hope you had a pink week.

    Thx for sharing


  4. Anxious to see if you get a new "do" and what you choose. My dental hygienist has a very pretty wrist (bracelet style) tattoo. She started out with the basics and added to it one-by-one over the years. Some kind of flowers and a bee or two I think it is. Very pretty. Oh, cards, for Jenn? :) The Avengers is coming very soon to IMAX 3-D. We'll be catching up w/the son on the runners up to the movie. (Ironman, Hulk, Captain America, Thor...did I get them all?) I was thinking your beach walk was Texas Gulf Coast -but oh, it's the Outer Banks. I read a book by that title years back. Always wanted to see that area. New recipe? Hm. I can't even think of anything to suggest! Gee. That's awful! I have a recipe to a chocolate shortcake - it's very good and always a hit. Maybe I should get it to you? That'd help cover the junk food urge! :) Well, guess that's all I remembered of the list you posted. Take care! Enjoy the time off!