Monday, April 30, 2012

Prayers Please

Hey Y'all,
Just a quick post to ask for your prayers please.
Lee's Disability hearing is at 12:15 eastern time Tuesday May 1.
Please cover us in prayer.
Please pray that he will get approval and that the decision date will be 2010. That is the best outcome  for us.
We really need this to be approved.
Regardless of the outcome we will praise God for all the blessings he has poured over us.
Thank Y'all
Your prayers mean the world to us.


  1. Lot's of prayers coming your way!


  2. Absolutely - coming your way.


  3. Good luck! I will be praying!! xoxo

  4. Well, I'm a day-late, but I did pray. I sure hope it all worked out. Those things are tough to accomplish, so I hear.
    And, I read the post about the dog and the door. Oh man!
    Last, but not least, I posted about the cards you sent - on both blogs (Google/WordPress). I'm still tickled pink! Thank you so very much.
    Take care - anxious to hear about the disability. Sure hope it's a good word for you. Hugs, Jenn

  5. Hi Jenny, Hope your hearing went ok and you got the result you wanted. Really pleased you liked your Sunbonnet Sue tag. I have another swapper who has gone very quiet on me. Have sentt my swap off on time but have heard nothing to say it has been received and not received anything in return either. Have e-mailed but no reply. I just must be unlucky I guess. Have you forgiven your little scamp for the mayhem he caused yet. That is one very sorry looking door you have there!!! Hugs and thanks again for being my partner. Mrs A. (aka ValeryAnne).

  6. Hi Jenny. Oh how I hope things went well at the hearing!


  7. I was strolling through your blog to catch up and was wondering how the hearing went - I either missed the post or there wasn't one on that -hope all's well and that Lee's over his fall he had on a later post. (I am catching up here)