Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I got happy mail today!
Colorbok sent me a FREE 12x12 paper pack in Truffle today! YAY but let me tell you the conversation that took place...ugh...husbands!
The doorbell rings as I am fixing us some lunch (the dog goes nuts) Lee answers the door and gets a package from the UPS man. The door shuts. "Jenny" yes? "What have you ordered?"  "You know we can't afford to order anything right now." I didn't order anything and DUH!  " Well it has your name on it and it's from some color company." I didn't order anything let me see. Colorbok! YAY this is a free gift Lee. "What for?" I answered a survey they emailed me ages ago and I signed up for the Colorbok club, and look they sent me a free paper pack! "I thought you were getting rid of stuff ? " I am but not a free paper pack!  WOO HOO Thank You Colorbok!


  1. Oh my, I so recognize that conversation. LOL! Way to go on receiving your colorbox package. It looks yummy.

    Just a hint... Start wearing every pair of earrings you have in your stash. Otherwise, when your 50 and you pull out a pair from high school, DH will think they are new and you'll never convince him otherwise. LOL!

  2. Oh. My. Word! This is gorgeous!!!! I love the things Colorbok sends out, but I guess this time I didn't send in my survey on time. Orrr maybe its still on the way. You just never know!

    As for the husband incident... Laugh out Loud moment for sure!