Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting to know the family

I have been thinking a lot about my childhood. I had a great childhood. I miss those days.
 Carefree and all the time in the world lay ahead of you....ahhhh.
We are blessed to have great, creative, God  loving parents who have always encouraged us. We (now remember there are 5 of us) all had something we wanted to try and my parents always said go for it and if it didn't work out then we were allowed to quit (though that didn't happen often) between us we took dance, did theater, played baseball or softball, band, chorus more clubs and after school activities than we can count, piano lessons,etc....the list goes on. BUT here is the thing *we did it together as a family, my dad coached all of my sisters and my brother (not me, but that's a different post : 0 ) in baseball and softball, my mom was at pretty much every dance lesson in the waiting room, we have all been in plays; including all 7 of us in the musical Shenandoah, and multiples of us in many others; even in some my dad wrote and directed. My mom or dad and at least 1/2 if not all the rest of the family was at every piano or dance recital; band concert or chorus concert....I could go on and in later posts I am sure I will.
My family is still close today we all live within 1 hour of each other (well I live an hour away everyone else is within 15 minutes) we have celebrated every Christmas together and almost every Thanksgiving for the last 30 years. I know some who read this will think I am boasting and to a point I am I am proud of my family. We work at staying involved in each others lives; it's difficult to get us all together all in one spot at the same time, but pretty much every month we are. I love that. Now with new additions to the family we have grown from the 7 of us to the 15 (and counting) of us. You will read more than you want to know probably, but this is my heart. We are a very blessed family.
I thank God everyday for them Buster,Debby,Lee,Beth,Steve,Joanne,Jay,Colby,Shelby,Laura,Patrick,Jared,Amanda,and Layden.
I love you all.

This is some of the family...


  1. My family is the same way, not boasting, like you said just proud. It is a rare thing in this day and age for a family to stay as close as that, it truly is sad but true. Enjoy them and enjoy your times together as much as possible!! Lovely post!!

  2. I love family stories like this one!! My family is also close. None of us have moved out yet, and as Hutterite, we don't until we're married, so right now we're all together (there are also five of us) and most evenings we're together playing board games, or singing... anything really, as long as we're together. I love this kind of life.