Friday, November 11, 2011

Counting My Blessings Day 11

Today I am blessed to be the grand daughter of a WWII Veteran.

My grandaddy served in the Army in the Pacific Theater.
He was a medic and saw things I can not even imagine.

So today I am thankful for all Veterans,
My dad was drafted for Vietnam and served in the Army National Guard.
My Father In Law was career Army and served in the Korean War.
 My husband served in the Navy and was on his ship in the Gulf during the Beirut conflict.
I am thankful they all fought for us and for the freedom of those who are oppressed in other countries.
I am blessed by these men in my life.
Thank You to all who serve and who have served our country.
You are a blessing to me.


  1. What a wonderful post and legacy! Both my parents served our country and I am thankful for all those who have been self-less to give us the freedoms we so enjoy! Loved your comment on my bloggy,too! I am going to have to read more on it for fun! Have a great weekend! Love to YOU!

  2. I echo your sentiment, Jennifer. I have a line of veterans in my family, too...My father (WWII), my uncles (one served over in Germany and was witness to one of the worst battles in WWII and the other served in Korea as a pilot), and more.

    I, too am grateful for their dedication, and for the praying mothers who helped to bring them home safely.

    Thank you for visiting,and have a very pink Saturday,


  3. Great post of gratitude! My grandpa was a navy cook in the Pacific theater! He and the other cook were the only survivors when their ship was bombed! ...Thank you for coming by my blog, too. I forgot to say that if you follow it, I am sending you a coupon code for my etsy shop for 10% off anything! :) HPS