Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Counting My Blessings Day 22

Today is a cool rainy day here in Virginia, how is your day shaping up?
My blessing for today is one of humility. It's a bit of a story so be ready to read :)
It started with Pie.

Disclaimer...teehee this photo of Amanda at Thanksgiving last year has nothing to do with my story today, I just think it's funny, she was 8 months pregnant and the only one cutting pie :)
That is her mom Jamie leaning to the right.
Even more funny or sad depending on how you look at it, is that there were 6 more pies on the counter!
OK here is my blessing .
I have on occasion gone to a church in my neighborhood.
Rock Church of Franklin, Virginia.
The atmosphere, worship and pastors are great.
The last time I went the greeter asked me to fill out a visitor card and I did.
During the announcements the pastor reminded everyone of their Say Hi with a Pie event, they take a pie to a person in our city, just say hi and visit a minute.
Well sad as I am I was hoping and praying we would be a home they would visit. Not for the pie I am not that shallow, but for the comfort or fellowship or I don't know a bunch of reasons, I just really wanted to be a home they would visit.
I was praying for it all Sunday morning.
Well they did not visit our home and I was a bit bummed over it.
But as I was watching the football game I told God I was sorry, sorry for feeling jealous over a home they did visit and sorry for being selfish, I have Him to sustain me and He is all I need.
I went to bed and went to work later that night.
I was working in the frozen foods section stocking ice cream, listening to Christmas music, thinking and talking to God.
Ken who is a guy who used to work with me and is a member of Rock Church well he  came over to where I was, we chat every time he stops in for a minute or 2 we were talking about ice cream and how good Blue Bunny ice cream is and how glad I am they make a variety of flavors with Splenda so Lee and I can have some and it's good :) and I always ask after his wife, she is in such poor health, her name is Monica, add her to your prayer list for health and healing, she is very bad off physically.
Recently diagnosed with MS and had a litany of other illness.
Ken says, you know the church does this visit and pie thing every once in a while **(I did not say a word about me wanting to be a home they chose)** and he tells me the Pastor and his wife stopped by their house that morning to check on them and leave a pie. He continues to tell me Monica has been unable to use the bathroom for days and they were having to use a catheter on her and she was miserable. Well they did not tell the Pastor anything about this issue.
He asked to pray for them before they left and while he was praying he says "Lord I feel like there is a specific breakthrough that is going to be needed for Monica, I ask that you take care of that this day"
They hugged and left.
About 15 minutes later she used the bathroom for the first time in days!
And has been going ever since.
Ken said to me "See God even helps someone as mean as me" (which he is NOT) and he said it has changed how he is feeling about everything.
Praise God for miracles.He healed the problem and released the bond it was having over her.
Thank You Lord.
Ken was so relieved that she was able to go, it was so much better for her than having to use a catheter.
So my lesson in all this is God had a plan and if my house had been one they decided to pay a visit to, maybe they would not have gone to Ken and Monica and Monica would not have been prayed for and healed. 
In the grand scheme of things I guess that seems small but it was huge to them and humbling to me.
Thank You Father for humbling me before you...again.
I love You Lord. 


  1. Jenny-I am so glad you shared this. I think we all have felt like that at some time, but rarely get the chance to see how God works. I am putting some things in God's hands-and even though I try and figure out how it will work out-God has his own plan-that is always better than ours. I've missed your blog-it's such a beautiful place and a tribute to God-thank you for sharing YOUR Beautiful heart!

  2. His ways are so beyond anything that I can wrap my mind around sometimes that I cannot even begin to understand but I am sure you get it. I don't really like all His methods but this I know, they are always perfect and good and so much better than our best.
    I hope you and your loved ones have a very blessed Thanksgiving, Jenny.
    Love the new background.
    Much love!

  3. Wow!!! What a story, amazing. God is good.