Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Counting My Blessings Day 16

Counting my blessings has been so good for me.
Thank You Lord for leading me everyday.

Today He has led me to Angela.
 My sister-in-love. She is married to Curtis, Lee's brother.
The day I met her 4 years ago was the day we were leaving Arkansas (where they live) to go to Texas for Lee's Mother's burial. You could not have picked a harder time to meet. We clicked as soon as we met and have loved each other every minute since :)
Let me tell you, I am BLESSED beyond measure to have her in my life.
Her Faith amazes me. Her love is unconditional and her heart is as big as all outdoors.
She gave me another niece and nephew. .
In their family we have Blair, (Curtis' daughter)
 Kameron,and Alana.(Angela's kiddos)
(I am missing a photo of Blair on my computer)

                                       Kameron  love that boy!
Alana she is beautiful inside and out.

Her kids are great and her daughter has her heart.
I love them all so much.
More than they know.

                                         Curtis and Angela

She loves her Lord, her family and birdhouses, Jeff Gordon and motorcycle rides with her husband.
I want to ask all who pray to include her healing in your prayers.
She was injured in a fall a few weeks before we met 4 years ago.
She lives in such debilitating and excruciating pain, there are no words to describe what she has lived with every day for years.
 I pray daily for healing and full restoration of her body.
We are BLESSED to have these lovely people in our lives. I love them all.
Thank You Father for bringing us all together.
I wish we lived closer, I miss them all so much.

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