Saturday, November 19, 2011

Counting My Blessings Day 19

I count among my many blessings all of my brother-in-laws.
I have 5 all together.
3 are my sister's husband's and 2 are my husband's brother's.
They are all good men whom I love dearly. I could call any of them and they would be there for me in a minute.
Most all of them are Saved by God's grace and I take comfort in knowing we will spend eternity together.
 The one's that aren't know all about Jesus, they have to come to him in their own time.
We pray for them, well I pray for all of them all the time, but extra prayers for them.

Steve is Beth's husband.
He is holding Layden the day after he was born.

 This is Jay, he is married to Joanne and the father of Colby and Shelby.
 This photo was taken on the day of Laura's wedding, such a handsome pair :)

This is Patrick, Laura's husband.
This photo was last summer at mom and dad's house.

This is Curtis and Angela
Curtis is Lee's younger brother.
I don't have a photo on my computer of Lee's youngest brother Danny.
I love all these men and I am blessed to have them in my life.
You are all good men and I love you all bunches and bunches.
Curtis and Danny I miss y'all a ton.
Thank You Lord for giving me such great men to have as brothers.


  1. Hey there, I went off tracking for following by 3's (I base it on the last digit of my link to Pink Saturday). I saw your name next to one I was visiting and had to come by and say hi. HI! Love your attitude and blessings in this post. Love ya, take care,Jenn

  2. Thanks for sharing such am important part of your life. Trust all of you will have very blessed holiday as a family.

  3. Lovely family!

    Dad in Pink, have a great Thanksgiving to you all!

  4. I am all for families, thanks for sharing yours. The little fella in the second photo, with the pink tie...he's darling!!!
    Happy Pink Saturday.