Friday, November 18, 2011

Counting My Blessings Day 18

Counting my blessings again today.
My blessing today and everyday are my parents.
They are 2 of the greatest people on earth.
They love us all so much, and they love each other.
They have been married 42 years, are Christians,have had 6 children, and a successful business,are the prayer team leaders of their church, had hard times, good times and everything in between.
They are great examples to us all and we all love them very much.
I could go on for days about them; so let me just say...
I am blessed CRAZY blessed to be their daughter.

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  1. Ethel,
    I always remind myself how lucky I am to have a mother who was so caring and giving and unselfish. My father was wonderful too. He is gone now. Every day when I go to my mom's house to help her with showers, cleaning, etc., I tell myself I am lucky to be able to return the favor! Love your blessings posts!