Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Counting My Blessings Day 23

I am Blessed to have had the last 2 days off, the next 2 are gonna be a killer!
I was blessed with the time to enjoy myself at home and get a few errands done today here in town.
I took some of the time I was off to put up my Christmas Tree :)
                                        DON"T GROAN!
I work retail and I am working all weekend, so this way I get to enjoy it.

Here is a peek.
The last two years we did not really celebrate Christmas, it has been too depressing. This year I want to, Lee really doesn't but I hope he changes his mind. When I stopped working on the tree this morning, I prayed and I felt so good. I hope Jesus likes my display of Celebration for his Birthday.
I am not done with it, but had other things to get done so I stopped for today.

 I cannot imagine I will have time to be online tomorrow, so I am gonna set up an automatic post. PRAY FOR ME Y"ALL :) I work 11pm to 7 am tonight into tomorrow then I have to rush home, finish the food, go to my parents house and hour away, eat, do the secret Santa names, do Colby's Christmas list and be back at work by 9:30 tomorrow night until 8 Friday morning oh and I need to sleep in there somewhere, so pray God will sustain me through the festivities and Black Friday.
Thank You Father for blessing me with gifts; the tree was a gift from Laura and many of the ornaments were gifts from family and friends.The greatest gift was the birth of your Son, thank you most of all for Him.

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  1. Your tree looks beautiful!! Love your blog background too! Good luck with your busy schedule! Happy Thanksgiving! :)