Tuesday, November 1, 2011


For the month of November, I am inspired to count my blessings.

I am gonna try to post my blessings and thankfulness every day this month.
The song from White Christmas comes to mind..
"...I fall asleep counting my blessings..."
Today is a hard day for me, so I am gonna try to turn that around by counting the good and not dwelling on the hard.

I am Thankful today for getting to spend last night with my family.
We took the kids out and had such a good time.
Mickey Mouse and Waluigi.
They were so excited and had such a good time.
All the grown ups did too.
we had good food, a great walk around the neighborhood, happy smiles and sugar highs.
How can one not be blessed and thankful for that.
Thank You Father for my family.
I love and adore each of them.
Thank You Father for each person reading this too.
Let them all know they are loved by You .

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