Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Counting My Blessings Day 28

Today dear ones, I am blessed to have so many people to pray for!

I was in my kitchen getting some popcorn out of the cabinet to make me a bowl, on the cabinet that holds the kernels of corn 2 red ribbons are tied to the handle, the ribbons are off a bag of popcorn Marcia sent to me with the gift card she sent when I was the winner of her White Christmas in July party. When I took the ribbons off the bag I tied them on the cabinet handle to remind me of Marcia. ..and it's cute and they match my kitchen :) Often when I touch them I say a prayer for her. I do that with all sorts of things I have been given, when I scrap with paper Aymee sent me I say a prayer for her, when I pull out an embellishment form an envelope or matchbox swap I think of Donna or Kim and say a prayer, when I see my little pompom chicks or my fall pixie, I pray for Elizabeth, when I see the rabbit on my desk I thank God for Angela, whenever I see the color Tiffany Blue Trisha is who I think of and pray for, when I use my border punch I think I Christine, when I reach in my ribbon box that was made by Peg, I talk to God about her, when I use the ribbon inside Karen and Caitlin jump to mind, Casey is all around me in the books and bits she has sent my way so always prayers for her.
I could fill pages with all the people I pray for, do I pray every day for every one? No, sadly I do not, but I do pray for someone everyday.
Can I pray for you today?

If you would like me to pray for you or with you, but do not wish to make it a public comment please email me I am at jennysheart@gmail.com
 God has blessed me with so many wonderful friends and family to include in prayer, I would love to add you too.


  1. That is very sweet Jenny (and a great idea too)! It's nice to someone is thinking and praying for you. What a sweet friend you are!

  2. Jenny,

    Your posts are so beautiful!So faith-filled! Thank you for sharing your faith.